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Amazon Kindle

FLY has created launch campaigns for seven product categories, including Prime, Grocery, Subscribe & Save,, Unbox, and With the Kindle, Jeff Bezos tasked FLY with developing a campaign that captured not only the momentousness of the launch, but also the simplicity of the product itself. The trick was finding an approach that appealed to travelers and book lovers—who were more interested in the content than the mechanism—and early adopters, whose interests were the opposite. The solution was to viscerally display the one thing that each segment could appreciate equally: 80,000 books in the palm of your hands. It’s been copied many times since, but the original image FLY created became the one that defined an entirely new and disruptive product category.


Results exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations (even Jeff’s, who was surprised by the speed of adoption), with traffic hitting the Amazon landing page so far above targeted levels that Amazon quickly ran out of inventory, announced a 3-4 month waiting period, and ended up buying the subcontractor that produced the hardware in order to expedite production. Amazon Kindle has been Amazon’s top selling product without interruption since launch.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Grocery

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