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The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability

In 2023, Harvard University launched an institute unlike any in its 387-year history. The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability represents Harvard’s united response to the global climate crisis. For the first time ever, Harvard is marshalling the participation of virtually all its acclaimed schools to participate in a single institute’s mission. This is because to realistically address climate change, scientific answers are not enough. Economists are needed, medical and health experts, political scientists, engineers, writers, filmmakers, business strategists, government liaisons, and more – all working in unison toward a shared goal.

To work on the communications launch, Harvard turned to FLY to develop the foundational branding and messaging assets, build a website, develop a video, and build out collateral and content for the institute’s many activities. Following our Brand Protocol, FLY’s first job was to develop a simple line that captured the optimism that Harvard so fervently wanted to project while hinting at the unprecedented show of unity from schools across the university.

“The Solutions are All Around Us” has become a rallying cry, and the institute’s distinctive crimson framing device, designed by FLY, can be found on posters, video screens, and digital kiosks across campus.



Primary Logo

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The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability has already become one of the most high-profile and far-reaching institutes in Harvard’s history. Its newest addition, the Climate Action Accelerator, is another first for Harvard: an empowered group within the institute whose sole function is to work on practical, real-world solutions by connecting cross-disciplinary teams inside of Harvard with governments, businesses, NGOs, and populations around the world. Initial projects in Africa have provided entire coastal regions with the tools and ability to bolster their food sources in the face of climate change-caused disruption.




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